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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Weekend Sale At Le Noeud Papillon

This weekend we feel summer is very much kicking in across Sydney and although we feel for our brothers in the North that are seeing the onset of winter, one can't help but feel overjoyed that it's time for a bit of fun in Sydney. And, what better way to make that happen than with a small addition around your neck of a bow tie (or a noeud papillon as the French say). Consider the mirth you will bring to your garden party with a bright punchy teal silk with white geometric OR for that matter a playful lilac, dusty grey and white horizontal stripe. All our silks are woven in Italy or England. All our silks are of the highest quality. And, all of our bow ties are made right here in Sydney, Australia.

We are set to release new silks next week so if you don't feel like having a shop this weekend, wait to see what we have for you towards the end of November.

Only whilst stocks last. See the website for more details. Feel free to ask questions before purchasing your bow or requesting that we tie it for you. Sale ends Sydney time Sunday 5pm AEST.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Gucci Chelsea Boot Given A New Personality With Patina

These Gucci chelsea boots were lying around on Ebay without a home and I could tell that nobody had bought them because of the colour of the leather. It was a light olive that had so little it could be paired with.

Using a bit of elbow grease, some leather dyes and Saphir waxes (which you can get from Double Monk in Melbourne), I decided to embark on the perfect brown patina boot. I am not sure that I got there entirely, but I will let you make that decision.

Firstly, I washed the boots with saddle soap and then stripped them with leather strippers using cotton balls and pads.

Before I begin with the explanation of dyeing I wish to say that the lighter the leather you have as the base, the more options you will have when it comes to patina. This leather was light enough that I made my first layer of dye a brushed on yellow and then orange. Graduating from yellow at the front to orange at the top of the boot.

The next process was to begin bringing the browns in using tan first with a beaver brush that gave a certain stringy brush stroke which allowed the patina to soak in unevenly giving me the beginnings of that patina which is more like old wood. I followed this by using the colour whiskey on the shoes and then finished with a more viscous dye called antique mahogany which was applied with a different, smoother brush. The final act was to use a cotton ball dipped in black to try and give the toe box and heel some additional tonal depth and to 'dirty' up the boot a little so that it did not look too much like a 'manufactured' treatment.

The result was here for me when I arrived this morning. It was a very exciting brown because the colour of the base had allowed me to stay in a rich brown colour range rather than something heavy. This morning, to finish the boots I used Saphir Renovateur to give the leather back some nutrients and then I finished with Cognac and Tabac waxes from Saphir.

NB: These boots are now sold. Thank you for your enquiries. 

These shoes are brand new, they've never been worn before. They are a UK 10, a European 43-44 and a USA 10.5. Since I don't fit the shoes I am offering them for SALE. The price is $495.00 AUD plus postage. If you like the look of them, please drop me a line on 's contact page and I will be sure to respond ASAP.

Stage 1: right is the original colour boot after washing and stripping, left is the beginning of the yellow dye brushed on.

Graduating dye from yellow on the to box and heel to deeper oranges towards the top of the boot.

Adding in brown begins using beaver brushes to streak the boot.

Additions of black to toe box and heel to add some scruffy tonality and to not make the boot look too manufactured. 

The final result is a rich brown patina with hints of orange and yellow through the toe box and heel.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some Say The Greatest Rolex Of All Time - President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Datejust With Jubilee Bracelet

The world has become increasingly obsessed with Rolex watches. The company, which started as Wilsdorf And Davis in 1905, changed it's name to Rolex when it moved from London to Geneva. Some say the name was made up, others believe it is derived from the French words for 'horological excellence'. Whatever it was, it has become one of the world's most recognised brands and to own a Rolex is a status symbol.

Rolex has had a long-running and successful ambassador programme - placing product in the hands of people of influence, power, prestige, in the arts, in humanities, in sport, in science and in exploration. The advertising campaigns that have and always will stick with me are the ads I read in the National Georgraphic magazines throughout the 1980's where it seemed to me that if you went out on a limb, if you separated yourself from the pack or did something which was completely challenging the status quo - you wore a Rolex wrist watch.

This is in fact exceptional marketing from Rolex who have spent an enormous amount of time cultivating this Rolex 'idea' which sits in the minds of consumers. Starting with associations with pioneers of motor car speed records on Daytona beach with Sir Malcolm Campbell aka 'The Speed King' - which evolved over time into their current Daytona model - to creating the first waterproof watch which they named the 'Oyster' and along the way creating some extremely unique models like the datejust and day-date watches which went on to become synonymous with heads of state and presidents alike; Rolex wrist watches must be one of the most successful marketing campaigns that has spanned more than a century and continues go from strength to strength despite the logical threat of traditional watches by smart watches and mobile telephones having clocks.

Of all the watches though that have been made by Rolex one is considered to be of the greatest historical importance. In 1950 the then head of Rolex, Rene-Paul Jeanneret approached a close friend of Generel Dwight D Eisenhower, a lady by the name of Nana Rae, and asked her if she would kindly ask the General, who had recently been made the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe, if he would do Rolex the honour of receiving their 150,000th official chronometer. In the letter to Nana Rae, Jeanneret explains that the 50,000th had been bestowed upon Swiss General Henri Guisan, protector of the Swiss during WWII, that the 100,000th had been bestowed upon Sir Winston Churchill - would the General accept the 150,000th?

The letter between Nana Rae and Rene-Paul Jeanneret

The General accepted the invitation and had the date that he was made Supreme Allied Commander of Europe by NATO inscribed on the underside of the watch as well as his 5 general stars and his initials which were later also added on the jubilee golden bracelet which was added to the watch some years later by Rolex during a service. Rolex could not have known in 1950 that 3 years later he would be President of the United States Of America - but that is how fate would have it. Rolex was offering the 5 star General the Rolex as a token of their appreciation of his service to Europe by the success of his D-Day invasion and the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny.

The watch that President Eisenhower received was a datejust Rolex in 18k yellow gold. The watch became something very dear to him and over the years he is pictured wearing it in many photographs although some say that depending on the company he was in, Eisenhower use to slide the watch up and down his wrist to hide it behind his shirt cuff.

When Eisenhower died he left the watch to his valet and long time associate Sgt John Moaney who in turn left it to his wife who in turn sold it to Raleigh DeGreer Amyx, a former FBI agent turned Presidential memorabilia collector.

On the 8th of June 2014 the Daily Mail reported that the watch was going to be auctioned off as Amyx's children did not want it and his house in Florida was being clogged with Presidential memorabilia, including Dwight's WWII leather jacket. The watch was sent to Boston to be auctioned off but according to Bloomberg the watch, despite it's provenance and despite what some Rolex aficionados declared was the greatest Rolex watch of all, it failed get a rise above $475,000 USD despite estimates that it could crack $1 million USD.

The watch is of cultural importance, not just because it belonged to one of the most important men of the 20th Century but because it is also the precursor to the phenomenon known as the Rolex 'President'. General Eisenhower's watch was a date-just but the addition by Rolex to it of the jubilee bracelet became known as the 'president bracelet' which in turn evolved into the 36mm day-date model that was given to Eisenhower on his successful campaign for a second term in the oval office. The same watch is said, but not verified, to have been given by Marilyn Monroe to John F Kennedy when he was President and then after Kennedy's assassination, it was the watch chosen by President Lyndon Johnson - who wore an 18k gold jubilee bracelet with a day-date face and fluted bezel. Until this point Rolex had only referred to the bracelet as a President bracelet - having ensured with President Eisenhower that there was absolutely no advertising tie up with the gift - but by the time Johnson was wearing the watch Rolex slowly began including the world President in much of it's marketing to associate the watch with people who had achieved great things or were in the highest office of their company. In one image from the mid 1960's, Rolex uses an image of a hand holding a red telephone and wearing an 18k yellow gold day-date with the caption 'The President's Watch' to convey a strong message that this is a watch associated with power.

The watch then went on to be associated with Presidents Nixon, Ford and Regan also but the genesis of this relationship begins with the datejust Rolex bestowed upon General Dwight D Eisenhower's 150,000th official chronometer gifted by then head of Rolex Rene-Paul Jeanneret in 1950. It is for this reason that some say it is the greatest Rolex of all time - which is why I was surprised to hear that it didn't reach the reserve at auction in September.

For a more in depth history of the Rolex President - read Jake's Rolex blog or read the Daily Mail article on the sale of Eisenhower's watch here.

President Eisenhower wearing his prized Rolex date-just gifted by Rolex to mark the 150,000th official chronometer and as a token gesture of gratitude for the role Eisenhower played in freeing Europe from Nazi tyranny during WWII
The watch was inscribed by Rolex with the date that Eisenhower was made Supreme Allied Commander of NATO along with his initials and the 5 stars relating to his rank as a General.
Part of the marketing for the watch prior to the auction was to show it referenced with the cover of Life magazine where the President wore the watch. 
The watch as it was presented for auction in September 2014.

The face of Eisenhower's watch was fitted later on with a cyclops lense at the request of Rene-Paul Jeanneret . Note also the red date numbers. 
President Johnson wearing a 36mm Day-Date with gold bracelet circa 1964 - it was this watch which became more widely known to be the Rolex 'President'.

A great example of the watch sold in the 1960's - this is an example of the 36mm 18k yellow gold watch with jubilee bracelet. Today the watch is mostly superseded by larger faces of up to 41mm

The first use of Rolex in marketing the watches as a 'President' watch - this ad from 1966 clearly infers that the President, who hold a red phone after a black tie function, wears a gold Rolex just as Lyndon Johnson did. From this point forward the day-date in 18k yellow gold stuck with the name 'The Rolex President'.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Majestic Black Satin Silk Bow Tie From Le Noeud Papillon - Best In Show For Some!

This is just a short note to tell you that we are running low on black mogador satin silk and that we have just finished a small batch off the bench of the last remaining silk whilst we wait for a fresh batch to arrive. Our famed 'Majestic Black' has been very popular this season with customers returning to satin silk after a couple of years of grosgrain silk being more popular. You can shop the Majestic Black online now at 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Those Blooming Jacarandas

Every year in Sydney I wait for four events with regards to our local flora. The first is when the Moreton Bay fig trees drop their fruits. This is a terrible time because your car paint work easily gets stained with the fruit marks if you don't wash it off and then accidentally bake it the following day in the hot sun. The second thing I wait for is the fragrant smell sometime in spring of wisteria. It for me is the big mark that winter is over. The fragrance that permeates the air takes me back to years ago when the nights were so charming and seemingly endless and I wasn't in a rush to do one thing or another - those years when you still have time to soak it all in. The third thing I wait for is the blooming of the jacarandas which always casts my mind to a Clive James documentary on Hamlet where he talks about sitting underneath the jacaranda in the main quadrangle at Sydney University reading Shakespeare. Underneath the same tree, many years later, I read Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. When that quadrangle has the greenest trimmed grass and a lofty breeze blows through the corridors of that impressive sandstone structure there is nothing quite like reading under that jacaranda. And the final thing  I wait for is the frangipanis. This is the final sign that summer is in full throttle and when those frangipanis turn to mush on the ground you know you are not far off the summer ending. These are the things I look forward to for the Sydney summer.

But more importantly, the reason that I post is that there seems to me to be an unprecedented bloom in jacarandas this season and it is very inspiring for someone who likes textiles as I can't help but feel that it deserves to be turned into a silk - I am just not sure that I have the skill to translate it. Nothing can replicate nature's beauty - although some, like Antoni Gaudi, do come close. I might give it a nudge but I cannot work out how express such detail in such a confined space.

Click to expand. Jacarandas are having a big bloom in Sydney this year. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Experiments In Patina - Trying Not To Desecrate The Noble Name In Shoes Of GJ Cleverley

Ebay is a wonderful place as I said the other day. Like a Great White Shark we lurk as Ebayers, stealth like, wanting to creep up on what we think are our seals and sea lions and then.... SNAP them up at the last moment.

I had been eyeing a pair of shoes for my next patina experiment for some time but without luck I lost at least 3 pairs of shoes to higher bidders. In one instance I waited until Friday night at 6pm just to try and snatch them down to the last second using my wifi and my mobile phone but on the other end of the internet someone trumped me and I hung my head on my hand and thought 'what a waste I just had of a Friday night!'.

Recently however I found a pair of GJ Cleverley shoes via the Ebay seller 'Shoes Of Distinction' . For one reason or another nobody seemed to want these penny loafers and they seemed to have a lovely look about them. Whilst they were not the light brown I prefer for patina, I thought I would give them a go to see what might come of it if we went from brown to black.

The shoes arrived and I must say that they were packed beautifully and the box has a certain charm about it although not as nice as the dusty green from Foster & Son. I then opened up the contents and noticed that my problem was going to be getting any colour into the deep brown they already were.

My first act was to wash the shoes with Hermes saddle soap in the hope of getting anything off that might be top level and to get the shoes ready for leather strippers. Once the shoes dried I got into the leather with acetone but acetone hardly picked up any colour at all which was very unusual. It was as though the leather had not been dyed and was it's natural colour or alternatively, that is had been dyed exceptionally well.

One thing I did note was that the soles had an exceptional organic leather finish to them which I have never seen before. They felt as though they were straight from mother nature. I therefore wondered whether they were indeed the traditional English Oak Bark soles that Tony Gaziano had told me about many weeks ago.

Having finished with the leather strippers and to not much avail, I arrived at the time I had to choose a colour for the first coat of dye. I decided I wished to do the following. Using a long thin brush I was going to coat the toe box to heel in purple, the bridge in oxblood and then highlights in the heel and toe box with black. If I pulled it off it would be graduated front to back in a deepish brown purple with black accents and then a subdued second tone in the bridge piece.

When I finished I was worried because it would be a kind of desecration to ruin a pair of GJ Cleverley shoes if you got it wrong but I am hoping that the morning light will be kind to my work tomorrow and that I won't die feeling like a wasted an evening of my life or that I did not adequately respect what are very very well made shoes.

I am going to show you each picture I took and I will briefly describe each process in the caption.

The original shoes as described on Ebay

The parcel arrives

A lovely original box from Cleverley

Some really luxurious looking soles. 

Very earthy and organic looking sole on these Cleverley shoes. 

The shoes out of the box and ready for a saddle soap wash

After the saddle soap wash, you can see the shoe on the right was drying with lighter intonations than before the wash

First brush strokes using a long thin brush. I am using a purple leather dye here

Across the bridge of the shoe (not sure if this is correct terminology) I pained the penny strap with oxblood instead of purple but then used cotton balls to move colour around so as to make it relatively subtle in colour change. 

Top shot I have used pomade on the front and back in black and centre in cognac. At this point, if I could have kept the shoe looking this way I would have. It had a certain Tom Ford appeal to it. 

Here you can see left the depth of purple and then right, an additional layer of cognac which then aged the purple

Ageing the purple with cognac pomade by Sapphir

Here you can see some of the changes in tonality although it was very difficult to truly show up the changes in tonality and the subtleties within the leather. 

And voila, hard to see but this is a two tone penny loafer which was originally a flat brown and now has deep purples, cognacs , black and oxblood mixed in. 

On The 11th Hour Of The 11th Day Of The 11th Month - We Will Remember Them

November 11 for those in the Commonwealth is Remembrance Day when we remember those that have died serving our respective countries.

Regardless of whether you believe there should be nation states in this world that we share; I love my country and many people have laid down their lives to protect it. Below is the reproduction of the Ode Of Remembrance which was first published in September 1914.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England's foam

The Greatest Obstacle To Your Dream Career And Dream Wardrobe

I once had a dream that I was an old man and I went to a free cinema on Sydney's Macquarie Street (of which there currently are no cinemas) to watch a free film that was sponsored by Coca-Cola. I was in a grey pin-stripe suit (something I would never wear), it was cold out and as I left the film, which was visually very red and white, I noticed that there was a big bright banner of Coca-Cola above the cinema listing facade. It was just a dream but it made sense to me in the morning after, that one day a company like Coca-Cola, instead of making vignettes of life with Coca-Cola, will make an entire feature film as part of an advertising campaign. This excellent free idea I have just let out of the bag will no doubt make some aspiring advertising creative director a great fortune somewhere in the near future. (Copyright Le Noeud Papillon Sydney 2014) !

The vignette I post below, a Coca-Cola Life commercial from Argentina, is so wonderful in its brevity in pin-pointing the changes in a man's life once he becomes a parent that I had to watch it over and over the other night just because the amusement and truth would not leave me. Of course in doing so I built up a latent demand to have full sugar Coca-Cola too - so it was a win-win for both consumer and producer.

The nub is that once we men become parents, as I have recently become, it is not just the women that get hemmed in in terms of their careers and financial independence. Most new fathers will be able to watch this vignette below and recognise almost every aspect of of it as a truth: from the late nights with one eye opened watching the baby monitor fearing even the slightest twitch or sound, to trying to navigate through a crowded room with prams and bags like a mobile bric-à-brac store, watching your child treat your 200 2 ply fine cotton shirt like a dirty handkerchief as she rubs her snot into your shoulder, tripping on the strangest objects late at night in a half light you can barely recognise your haggard face in, watching single people have fun in the street with not a care in the world as they dance their way to the next party, or having to scrub the floor on your hands and knees around the high chair after you've finally got her to bed.

In an internet age when we, as businessmen, are expected to be available to our customers in all time zones at all times via our websites, when we are already poor for time and where looking good for work is important to keep up the appearance of success; having children must be the most beautiful and yet antagonistic experience to undergo.

I would not change it for one minute - but, as my father once said to me - "you smart arse, one day you will see what sacrifices you make to have a family" - I am fast becoming aware that the greatest asset you have in your life is also the single greatest obstacle to your dream career and wardrobe.

But, as Richard Prior once told Eddie Murphy to tell Bill Cosby - "have a coke and a smile and shut the f up" . And on that note I think I might take his advice!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Ebay Round Up - The Things I Can't Afford To Purchase, Perhaps You Can

I heard recently that there is a blog that focuses on every week putting a list together of things that they like on Ebay. My first thought was 'how silly, why would you want to have more people competing for the things you want' but this was only Ebayer talking. I realised that of all the things I trawl, most items are out of my budget or else in the wrong size so I thought I would be generous with my time and right you readers out there a list of things which I think are heavenly and if you have Ebay you ought to jump on them.

Vintage Rolex 1806 Yellow Gold With Original Box And Papers

This is a beautiful piece and would look elegant on most men with the leather strap making it a little more subdued and less bling bling.

$15,550 USD
Shop it here

Genuine Hermès Belt Kit 32 mm Reversible BROWN Gold Brushed Buckle

 Because gold doesn't feature heavily on too many men these days I am inclined to give this a go just because when they zig you should zag. I used to find the H offensive and brash but in actual fact it's fairly clean and uncomplicated and has a lovely set up where it is detachable.

285 GBP
Shop it here

$1300 Zilli Mens 2014 Patent Leather Black Shoes Size 10.5 / 11.5 US

Given that dinner suit shoes are hard to come by I think that these Zilli oxfords represent very good value on their sale price of $499 USD. Zilli is perhaps very 'Russian' in some of it's offering but I think these shoes would look swish no matter what tuxedo you wore with them.

$499 USD
Shop it here

Brand New Brioni  Polo Neck Contrast Short Sleeve 100% Cotton Size 3XL

Coming into summer I think this is a pretty fun loving t-shirt that could be worn on the back of a yacht on Sydney harbour with a pair of trousers and you would look like a new Onassis.

I particularly like the contrast between the pannacotta jersey and the trim.

$199 USD
Shop it here

SMYTHSON Mara Collection Dark Berry Cardholder

I have always been partial to Smythson so I think this Mara card holder in berry is a great way to present your business card. And for 49.95 GBP I think it's very reasonable and looks undamaged.

49.95 GBP
Shop it here


Finally, I think these Gucci chelsea boots are not exactly good value for money at 349 GBP, especially since they have been worn a couple of times, but I still think they would be exceptional shoes and make any chap look cool coming into winter in the northern hemisphere.

349 GBP
Shop it here

Well, I think that for a first Ebay round up that's not a bad start and I have a whole lot more I wish to tell you about in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the blog as I will post the next round up in a fortnight towards the Christmas rush.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Gaziano & Girling Bench Made Burnham Boots For Le Noeud Papillon - A Taste Of Something Very Delicate

The chelsea boot is known in Australia (or Australian vernacular 'riding boots') to be the kind of rough and tumble stockman boot that could see you in a ditch digging dirt, throwing a rope around a horse, stepping down from a tractor or walking into a shearing shed. The more ornate models which are referred to in the range of the most famed Australian maker, R.M Williams, as 'dress boots', are worn by men and women alike in more formal areas. They can be worn into the local country town, to the pub, to a Bachelors And Spinsters Ball, occasionally to weddings (black calf with a tuxedo doesn't look too bad) and often with a suit in the city (great in winter when it's raining and you need to have clearance from puddles).

But that is roughly where it ends for Australian made chelseas except for the very wealthy Australians that indulge in exotic skins such as ostrich or crocodile boots which retail for around $5000.

Next week, as an alternative, we will be writing a more lengthy discussion on a pair of chelsea boots made for Le Noeud Papillon by famed shoe makers Gaziano & Girling  who are making such a name for themselves that since we first set about working with Tony Gaziano I have since seen Liam Neeson and even Gildo Zegna turning up to get shoes made and now wait with bated breath to see who will walk through their Savile Row store next!  Celebrities aside, this team, which we have written about here before, are doing wonderful things for English made shoes and just recently launched their own patina service which will rival their continental contemporary rivals of Berluti and Corthay for example.

Here is a sneak peak and stay tuned for more.

Stay tuned to see the final results on a pair of custom made chelsea boots by Gaziano & Girling for Le Noeud Papillon

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Success Is Such A Lovely Sweet Thing

Today I was on the blog The Dandy Portraits  which I had not visited for some time. It was swamped by more images of men who take the time to define themselves in the clothes they wear but I was even more excited by the fact that The Dandy Portraits has been featured on CBS news. The video was a wonderful interview with the author Natty Adams and photographer Rose Callahan but also a lovely insight into Eddie Hayes, the refined and elegantly dressed New York attorney famous for being the inspiration for the book and film The Bonfire Vanities by Tom Wolfe. What I liked about meeting Eddie Hayes in this interview is that he is more about classic 'elegance' of dressing and less about 'vintage' or 'nostalgia' dandyism. Coupled with a bold and forthright personality, I find myself preferring to follow in his footsteps than say those that subscribe to a by-gone era of dandyism. While I am not casting any aspersions on those that dress in this more ornate manner, I am saying that within this very loose umbrella of 'dandy' there are so many sub-categories each with it's own subscribers, which I think the journalist seems to understand and convey effectively.

For those of you with a spare five minutes, watch the video here. But perhaps the greatest tid bid or 'tell' to be taken from the video is that Eddie Hayes' tailor is Beckenstein bespoke. And having a brief portal into the Beckenstein's and it's fabrics I am almost certainly putting it on my next list of Things To Do In New York.

For those of you new to this blog - read our interview with Rose Callahan back in 2011 when she was first collaborating with Nathaniel Adams.

Congratulations Natty & Rose - you deserve all the success you get for I Am Dandy.

Author Natty Adams and portrait photographer Rose Callahan pose for a photo at their book launch in Zurich for I Am Dandy.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Great Video On Elegant Menswear

This video features Steven Hitchcock which you may have read about on our blog here as well as Luca Rubinnaci whom we have used as inspiration for a number of pairs of trousers that we have made over the last 3 years. You will really enjoy this video.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Help, We Need You To Help Put Us On The Map!

I was extremely envious the other day when I researched a business in Taiwan and it came up immediately on google maps and sprung up it's address, trading hours and a street view. I felt very late to the party.

Accordingly I updated our own google maps to the Studio address and have done the exact same thing as that Taiwanese shoe store I envied only I got a much better result. 

To the left of the map you can see the beginning of the city from Woolloomooloo (yes we have these kinds of names for places in Australia) and the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Mrs. Macquarie's chair forming the green bits to the left; then to the far right, that peninsula of land famous for over-priced real estate and over-priced fruit and vegetables. But, owing to the fact there are so few retailers out my way, we have somehow secured ourselves the only dot on the google map for what looks like a good chunk of Sydney. 

However, we need your help. If you have bought our bow ties or had your shirts made with us we ask that you be the first to review us by clicking on the following link. Click Here

Come see and review us on Google Maps

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Testimonial For Le Noeud Papillon

Dear Le Noeud Papillon,

Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL bow tie and lapel flower.
You have been incredibly generous.
I am grateful to have discovered your website while surfing the web a year and a half ago.
I wouldn’t even consider another brand.... You have spoiled me !
Keep making the best bow ties in the world !


R Shepherd,
New Orleans, USA

Come and see our latest range of silks on

The Best Alterations Houses In Sydney For Menswear By Le Noeud Papillon

This list is very subjective as it is based only on my own experience but I thought I might recommend to you the best alterations houses that I know of for suits, jackets, trousers and jeans.

NB: If you know of any other great alterations houses for menswear  - please feel free to leave a comment and description below.

1. Bellevue Tailor

The current manager and owner of Bellevue Tailor is Elvira Drubetsky who is trained both as a tailor and as a pattern maker. Previously she worked in pattern making and grading for fashion companies offering sports apparel and also with a suiting factory. Her father, Yuri Drubetsky, no longer works the business but his eye for detail was superb. The old story goes that Yuri was a tailor in Odessa in the Ukraine and he was so good at what he did that he was often called to the Kremlin to make alterations for communist party officials and made some suits for the Russian athletes competing in one of the Olympics.

Although Elvira is not the cheapest alterations house, her work is thorough and professional and she is happy to do even the most finicky work.

Google map her here

2/8 Bellevue Road, Bellevue Hill, Sydney, 2023
Tel: 9389 9490

2. Victor Tomassetti

Victor Tomassetti is one of the best alterations houses in the city. Located on Market Street in the city, Tomassetti Tailoring is the preferred alterations house for some of the more respected international brands and top menswear stores located in the city as well as performing a wide variety of tailoring and making services for the legal fraternity including gowns and wigs.

Victor frequently works on suits from Brioni, Canali, Tom Ford and Gucci that his customers bring him because they don't trust anyone else to do the work. He is a very pleasant sort of fellow and very easy to do business with.

Victor Tomassetti
Level 3, 46 Market Street, 
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Tel: 9299 9242

3. Leng Bespoke

By far the greatest alterations service I have used for suits is Leng Bespoke. Leng Bespoke's ability to fit and re-fit garments to owners is without parallel in my own experience. Because Leng Bespoke makes bespoke suits on-site, their alterations service is far more comprehensive for suits than any other alterations house I have used. Leng's service also extends to shirts although I have not tested them with any shirts because I use my own alterations house for this.

Leng Bespoke
Ground Floor 20 York St Sydney 2000
Tel: 0430 388 528

The best alterations houses in Sydney for men will have some experience with making suits from scratch. My three recommends are based on the fact that each has the ability to make a suit if needs be - which makes their services more comprehensive.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Post - Not Hand Written But Certainly Personalised

We know that our newsletters are more interesting than most because of the percentage of our mailing list that reads them. According to a statistics google expert that I employed a couple of years ago, the average list open for a big branded company in fashion and textiles was between 8 and 13%. By contrast 40% of our readers on average open our newsletters -which according to my statistics guru - is a good sign we are not boring you.

We don't just talk about bow ties on our newsletter because that would be like taking your work home. We write about anything to do with menswear from construction of cloth to artisan makers. So, for a refreshing change, join our newsletter.

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